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"Every child has the right to food, play, education and love."



Waker is an legal International Non-profit organization in Taiwan. We have focused on improving children’s education for a long term, and we believe only through education we can disassociate from poverty.


Whether it is orphans, left-behind poor children, child laborers, AIDS children, second-generation of migrant and stateless workers, etc., these underprivileged children have long been in a tough environment because of lack of companionship.


Therefore, the most important mission for Waker is inspiring the children's aspiration and possibility for life by giving empathy to fulfill their needs and interacting through fun learning. While we serving in the community for many years, the local communities are inspired indirectly as well as boosted both community consciousness and community self-determination. Waker and all NPOs (local communities and school) work as an all for one, one for all unity. The plans for all chosen location are formulated carefully to match their needs with care and based on long-term service. 


We are looking for volunteers who are open-minded and willing to use compassion to serve in selected locations. Being mindful in sincerity of heart is what we require.


Waker does not need those who consider themselves to be professionals or knowledgeable,
having great ability in speaking foreign languages is not the first consideration for us either.


We need "YOU" to be willing to walk into the local life, such as villages and schools, and observe their life styles. The most important thing is to respect the local cultures and also the local children based there. When interacting with a child it is important to lower yourself to the same level rather than standing over them which quite often gives the wrong impression.


We hope all volunteers that join with us can discover the true kindness that is naturally in everyone's heart. Sometimes we have to be brave and willing to perservior knowing that it will develop character and great patience.